barcelona, ich komme

nachdem ich gestern schonmal meine kontakte zur apv genutzt habe, und nicht mehr wirklich angst hatte bekam ich heute folgende e-mail:

Pharmaz.Technologie u.Biopharmazie

Mainz, 25 January 2008

*6^th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology* *7^th to 10^th April 2008, CCIB, Barcelona, Spain*

Dear Mr. S.,

We are pleased to inform you that your submitted paper entitled *“Relationship between hemolytic activity and critical micelle concentration (CMC) of sugar”* has been accepted for a poster presentation.

Your presentation is scheduled for *10 April 2008.*

The posters must be presented from 09.00 h to 17.00 h. During the poster session from 12.30 h to 15.00 h the presenter should be available for discussions.

Your panel number can be looked up on the time schedule which will be handed over to you when registering on site.

*Important information for poster presentations:* The panels for the poster presentations have the following size: height 150 cm, width 90 cm. The posters must not exceed this size. Please bring fixing materials with you. Only *pins* are permitted.

*/ /*
Yours sincerely,
APV Headquarters


3 Responses to barcelona, ich komme

  1. larsschiefelbein sagt:

    dankeschön! das war ja mal ein fixer kommentar.

  2. Anonymous sagt:

    congratulations dear laars!

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